Zipavid Access

Zipavid Access support provide holistic support for young people aged between 16-26

What we offer

Our newly established service enables brands to showcase their companies to the masses through the use of video content. Our carefully handpicked video production team are the best at what they do, and aim to showcase, why candidates should apply to work for you and become an integral part of your company vision.We provide Semi-Independent Accommodation, Employability and Career Support, Health and Wellbeing Support and other general Support Services for young people with the aim of improving their economic outcomes.

Our service is committed to providing a high quality of care ensuring that young people are provided with structure, support, emotional warmth, encouragement and guidance. We have a tailored programme that aims to develop the necessary skills for young people to successfully transition into independence and adulthood.‚Äč

What we offer

The Zipavid Access Programme believes:

* Every young person should have the opportunity to live in a stable, safe and caring environment with dedicated staff who are passionate about supporting young people to achieve successful outcomes whilst learning to live independently.

All young people should be treated fairly, irrespective of their race, gender, religion or sexuality and have the chance to attain their personal goals in life. We ensure that we work in a non-judgmental way with all young people as they are supported by the transition.

Legislation and policies are key to our service. Our services are provided in accordance with the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 and Children Acts 1989 and 2004.

"Nobody reads or shares content because it exists. Candidates want to hear from you! Your future employees want to hear your story!" Lauren Bailey, CEO, Zipavid

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